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How visible will my sign be?

Our experienced design team will optimize your sign design to fit its intended situation. For instance, a sign which is intended to be viewed up close will have different characteristics than a sign being viewed while driving past it. We will make sure your sign does the best possible job it can for its given task.

Is the color I see on my monitor accurate to what I'll receive?

Monitor calibration is subjective. CRT monitors, LCD monitors, and LED monitors all have differences in color accuracy. To get the best possible idea of the color you will receive, we have color charts on the walls in our shop. Pantone numbers can be given as a target reference, but note that different printing techniques and substrates affect the output. We can assist in matching as close as possible to supplied samples or Pantone numbers. Depending on your monitor calibration, these colors may or may not show accurately. With an order, a print sample can be provided if requested.

Can Sign Studio provide on-site consultations?

Yes. Feel free to contact us to discuss your signage needs.

Do you make signs in standard sizes?

At Sign Studio, we make customs signs and banners, so we can build your sign at any size needed to achieve your desired outcome. There are some standard sizes for basic real estate signs and some regulatory signs, such as parking signs, but the majority of the signs we produce are designed to fit the needs of the customer and the variables of where the sign will be displayed.

Can you use a digital image from my camera?

Absolutely! Contact us to discuss your specific image and the ability to incorporate the image into your new sign.

Do full-color graphics help my image?

When used appropriately used, full-color graphics may enhance the professionalism of your brand, service, or product. However, in some cases it may be in your best interest to stick with a simpler approach. Our design team will be able to suggest the best possible option for your intended use.

Do I need lamination on my sign?

Lamination is not required in many cases (ie. corrugated road signs, indoor posters); however, lamination is always recommended, as it will enhance the appearance and extend the life of any sign. There are many instances where lamination is a must, including: vehicle graphics, graphics in high foot-traffic areas, signs which are packed-up and moved around frequently (easel signs).

How much will my sign cost?

Pricing on signs is roughly based on durability. In a nutshell: more expensive signs will last longer. Outside of that, there are certain materials which are inherently more expensive than others. Click here to request a quote on your next signage project.

How long will this sign last?

We use a wide variety of materials in the construction of our signs. We have materials that are preferred for short-term applications as well as materials that will withstand the test of time.

What file format can I use if I email it to you?

Generally, .ai, .eps, and .pdf format is preferred.  If your files are in other formats contact us to speak with a design consultant. Please read through this PDF for information on file types. For advanced users, please read this PDF on how to optimize your PDF for a much smaller file size than just saying “save as PDF”.

Do you make business cards, flyers and menus?

Our design team can create graphics for just about anything you can think of. Although we do not produce these products within our facility, we have developed relationships with local print vendors.


What's the difference between a partial vehicle wrap and a full vehicle wrap?

A full vehicle wrap covers every area of exposed paint on the vehicle (the roof and non-visible areas may be excluded, yet still be considered a full wrap). A partial wrap would be graphics that cover only a percentage of the visible painted area on your vehicle.

Do you provide installation services?

Sign Studio does provide sign installation services. Contact us to find out more.

What is the process for determining the best sign for my needs?

We begin every project with a new customer discussing the intention or purpose of the sign. Where will the sign be viewed? How will the sign be placed or installed? Do you have a budget for your signage project? Etc. This series of questions will help us determine the best materials, colors and mounting methods in constructing your sign to achieve the optimal sign for your purposes.

What colors show up the best?

The choice of color is a very important aspect when considering the effectiveness of a particular message. Our expert designers will work with you to ensure the colors selected for your sign not only stand out but match your company brand.

What type of file and resolution do I need?

Use vector-based graphics whenever possible, but for pixel-based solutions, design AT-SIZE at a resolution of 150ppi. Please read through this PDF for information on file types. For advanced users, please read this PDF on how to optimize your PDF for a much smaller file size than just saying “save as PDF”.