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Tips from the Pros: Picking the right sign for your business may be tricky. Here are the top 5 recommended signs from the Sign Studio experts to get your business noticed.

1. Monument Signs

These free-standing creations are sometime made with elements of masonry or foam. Monument signs allow you to get creative with the architectural design for the structure and signage. Just remember, monument signs make monumental statements. Place these in key locations to help quickly identify your business.


2. Way-finding

No one likes getting lost on the way to find your business. Set up a way-finding sign scheme to get more feet in the door in the least amount of time. Direct people who are in an unfamiliar area to where you are located.


3. Dimensional Letters

Make your business aesthetically pleasing with an exterior dimensional lettering or logo. Great for outdoor, lobby and conference rooms. Dimensional signs have a smooth look and tend to pop out to anyone who looks.


4. Window Graphics

Transform your plain window into a vivid story about your company or promote your best- selling products. The better the visuals, the more attraction to your door. Have fun with color combinations and images to make your business stand out.


5. Vehicle Graphics

Promote everywhere you go reaching a wider audience. This cost-effective way of non-aggressive advertising is a great way to get eyes in front of your information. The local market responds best because usually people want to deal with their local businesses.



For whatever your signage needs are, Sign Studio has you covered. We are with you every step of the way to ensure a perfectly crafted final product. From custom design and layout to delivery and installation, we help you create attractive quality signs that get your business noticed! Let us know how we can help you and your business, sign up for a free consultation with a Sign Studio expert today.

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