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Did you know how effective vehicle wraps and graphics are?

The advertising power of using your business vehicles as a rolling advertising is often undervalued and is certainly being underutilized by many of today’s small businesses and franchises. Let’s take a quick look at some statistics from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America- OAAA that compare the effectiveness of vehicle wrap advertising media to other advertising media available to business owners today.

According to the Transportation Advertising Council, vehicular advertising generates between 30,000 and 70,000 daily vehicular impressions. A study by Arbitron, Inc., an international media and marketing research firm, shows that mobile advertising reaches virtually all demographics, as 96% of Americans travel in a vehicle each week. Moreover, 35% of heavy commuters come from households earning $75,000+, compared to only 23% for the U.S. average income profile. One of the best places to target those higher income consumers is while they are on the road. Driving Revenues, a Washington D.C. based advertising firm found that a $20,000 advertising spend produces the following ad impressions by type of advertising placement:

  • Mobile advertising garners 8.4 million impressions in a 12 month period
  • Radio attracts 900,000 listeners in 6 weeks with 10 to 12 30-second spots
  • Val-Pak Offers reaches 600,000 households
  • Direct mail campaigns reach 20,000 names with one post card mailer
  • 7 city buses get 600,000 impressions in 2 months

Now that you have an idea of the impressive exposure a BIGPICTUREdesigns wrapped vehicle can have, letís talk about how incredibly cost effective a BPd campaign can be:

An average sized car costs about $2,700 for a full coverage, long-term (5 year) wrap. We can assume that the buyer will keep the wrap on the vehicle for the full 5 year warranty period, but letís assume for this exercise that most business owners will only lease their fleet vehicles for 4 years.

The average vehicle in a major metro area will have over 700,000 impressions per month (a vehicle in Manhattan, NY can garner up to 3.2 million impressions per month). So, we have a cost of $2,700 over 48 months ñ that is $56.25 per month! Find any other advertising medium at $56 per month that can provide this type of exposure. Radio?, no; TV?, no way; Billboards? Ha!; most people canít even advertise in the classifieds of a newspaper for that amount. Keep in mind the other factors that make a wrap so effective. The retention rate of this medium is extremely high. According to Cox Communications/Eagle Research: 48% of those polled viewed car wraps as the most unique advertising medium available, and 47% of 18-34 year olds surveyed found car wraps especially memorable. Why? They are eye catching, big and colorful, and wraps arenít like radio, print or TV; you cannot turn it off or change the channel. And the targeting of this advertising medium is unsurpassed.Typically your fleet vehicles are being driven directly into your target market further concentrating the advertising effectiveness.

Many of our wrap clients also take advantage of their wraps in areas that traditionally cost huge money: Conventions, Trade Shows, and Grand Openings. Many times it is necessary to get on a list well in advance to advertise at a premier event or location. Let’s say you want to advertise in Times Square New York or a global corporate convention in Las Vegas. Priced that out lately? A wrap owners dream, drive your advertising right through it or park in front of it any time you want!

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